Albert Sanz & Javier Colina present:


When two musicians of the wisdom, style and mastery of the double bass player JAVIER COLINA - the cornerstone of the Jazz Flamenco sound of the XXI Century - and the eclecticism, inventiveness and elegance of the pianist ALBERT SANZ, join forces to confront their Brazilian standards together favorites, the natural thing is to expect a musical pleasure different from others, from everyone else ...
And naturally, “Sampa”, the fruit of that joyous encounter simmered in sound tests, sketching melodies in secret, discovering their love for Brazilian music, amidst the joy and surprise of sharing artists and songs, fills the best expectations: an exquisite work of goldsmithing and precision for Double Bass and Piano solos - plus the magical appearances of Silvia Pérez Cruz recreating with care and tear "Sampa" (composition by Caetano Veloso that gives the album title) and JAVIER's own effervescent accordion COLINA in “No Assento Do Onibus” (by Alessandro Penezzi) - as amazing as it is exciting. Multifunctional polychromatic piano and double bass, generating a very personal sound, capable of miraculously harmonizing nakedness and exuberance, asceticism and filigree, saudade and carnival, essence and fantasy.
The best of Brazil in the captivating, adventurous and brilliant vision of two high priests of rhythm and melody. Great music. Big words.