pianist, composer:

“By having him close and listening to him, it is more than perceptible that the sensitivity that surrounds him when sitting in front of the instrument does not come off him when he gets off the stage. And it is that it seems to be confusing but everything that surrounds him seems to float in a known and calm order. In it, a colorful naive background and an adult consciousness meet and understand each other, with charming results. And you see a lucid child playing a piano with innate maturity, and you see a happy adult playing the child "


Marta Ramón, l'informatiu


"He has a musical restlessness only comparable to his talent, he has collaborated with some of the leading international jazz musicians in recent years and has already recorded several masterpieces in his name. Sanz seems to always guess what is going to happen around him, and paves the way with wonderful ideas "


Gerardo, central cafe, 2012


"Talks Al Foster (Richmond, Virginia, 1944) of an impression that  hurts and that explains why he said yes to the pianist Albert Sanz (Valencia, 1978) when he approached him and without further proposed a record." These young kids today have a lot of technique… they all know how to write music and have studied at conservatories, but when they start playing it's like a competition to see who's faster. ”He stops and exclaims:“ Damn! They're good, but They don't transmit anything! They don't tell a story! ”That day they met in a hotel in Valencia, Sanz gave him a demo with some songs and Foster listened to it. It seemed to him that this boy had a“ soul. ”And they ended up in a New York studio with double bass player Javier Colina recording O que sera "

Mauricio Vicent, El Pais

Albert Sanz was born in Valencia, Spain, into a very musical family. His mother is the great singer, songwriter and actress Mamen García, and his father is Josep Sanz, conductor, classical pianist and composer.

From an early age (Mamen remembers being pregnant with Albert doing many piano concerts and singing) Albert was surrounded by his father's classical music and Mamen's varied repertoire of songs. From coplas to bossa nova, to Cuban boleros, tangos, Italian, French songs, and jazz standards. Entering adolescence Albert begins to learn songs with the guitar and electric bass until he decides to study classical piano at the Valencia Conservatory. Shortly after, his father takes him to a Tete Montoliu concert where, without realizing it, he will fall in love forever with the spirit of this music.

In a short time Albert begins to imitate what he hears and begins to play with other musicians in Valencia, combining the conservatory with studies at the Barcelona Music Workshop, concerts and all possible jams. At the age of 18 he was selected to represent Spain in the European Youth Jazz Orchestra (EJYO), traveling for three weeks throughout Europe and recording the first EJYO record.

In 1998 Albert recorded his first album ("Des D'aquí") as co-leader with the Catalan bassist David Mengual. This album is voted best Spanish jazz album of the year by Spanish jazz critics (Cuadernos de Jazz). A year later, Albert received the SGAE Award for the Jazz Revelation Artist and another award for Revelation Artist by Turia magazine.

After offering him a full scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Albert moved to Boston in 2000 where he played with Robert Stillman, Chris Van Voorst, Kendrick Scott, (eventually forming the band Kalifactors and recording his CD "Kalifactors", released on the Fresh Sound label) and also with David Doruzka, Jason Palmer, Walter Smith, Lage Lund, Lionel Loueke, Javier Vercher or Ferenc Nemeth among others.

After graduating Cum Laude at Berklee, Albert moved to New York in 2002 where he immersed himself in the scene, playing with the groups of Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chris Cheek, Joe Martin and debuting as a leader and composer at the Jazz Gallery with a group. in which Larry Grenadier, Jeff Ballard and Chris Cheek stand out. This concert was also recorded and released with Fresh Sound Records under the name "Los Guys" (2003).

In 2004 the IVM of Valencia commissioned Albert to record an album and compose all the material with the subsequent edition of "El fabulador" by Albert Sanz and the eleven Dedos, where the colorful instrumentation consisted of 8 wind instruments, in addition to the section of rhythm. This album was voted one of the best Spanish jazz albums of the last decade by critics in Spain (Cuadernos de Jazz).

Shortly after this recording, Albert moved back to Spain, where he was offered a position as Jazz teacher at the Musikene Superior Conservatory of the Basque Country and later in the Jazz department at the Valencia Superior Conservatory. During those years Albert combined teaching with concerts and released a live album ("Metamorphosis") with his trio at that time (with Masa Kamaguchi and RJ Miller) for the Fresh Sound Records label. He also collaborates in the bands and in the recordings of the Flamenco big band of Perico Sambeat, the trio and quintet of Jorge Rossy (here as hammond organist), Jordi Matas and Carme Canela (as organist as well), and the famous project Silvia Pérez Cruz and Javier Colina trio that gave rise to the album "En La Imaginacion", to name some of the important bands he was part of. As a musical producer and arranger, he records the album by Mamen García ("El Cofrecito") in which musicians such as Jorge Rossy, Javier Colina or Antonio Serrano collaborate.

In 2011 Albert took a step forward producing the album "O que sera" in New York, an album with a stellar trio made up of the great drummer Al Foster (Miles Davis) and the double bass player Javier Colina (Bebo Valdés). Engraved by the great James Farber. In 2012 he had the opportunity to travel with this great trio playing at the main festivals in Spain and also recording the album / bootleg "For Regulars Only" live at the Central Café in Madrid.

As a composer for theater, Albert has collaborated with the award-winning and special company "Bambalina teatre practicable", creating the music for the shows "Ulysses", "Cosmos", the musical "El Geperut de Notre Dame" and "Petit Pierre".

In 2014 his last important collaborations are mostly duets, the album "Mahalo" with the virtuoso harmonica player Antonio Serrano (Paco de Lucía) and "Dolphin´s Blues", vinyl recorded live with the young trumpet genius Félix Rossy.

Albert is currently focusing more than ever on songwriting and his next project is for a big Bigband.